About us

I'm Jenn and I was born and raised on the gorgeous islands of Hawaii and I love this greeting. It's used in welcoming's and farewells and in expressing love. But the word means even more; it is a way of life! So I strive to bring a little bit of Hawaii or Aloha to where ever I am.
I'm so very humbled that you have made it here to my shop! I've always enjoyed making pretty things and I love understated jewelry, which is why I started this small business about 5 years ago. I was blessed with a small investment from my best friend and husband, Chris. He says he saw my potential and wanted me to pursue my dreams of becoming a business owner, and doing something that I'm passionate about. He has been my right hand man ever since, doing most of the photography, web design, packaging, and countless other things it takes to bring quality handmade jewelry to you.
JCL's humble beginnings started on Etsy in 2013, and while it's been a great way to be found by lovers of what I offer, it was time to start my official website this year. In 2014, I began doing Maker’s Markets in and around the Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg area to help grow my local presence. This was important to me, because I get to meet you, and other wonderful supporters. My shop is known for hand stamped Mommy and Me bracelets sets, JCL Original Coil Tragus Earrings and hand crafted original rings. I hope to create a beautiful piece of jewelry that you can cherish, for always.